Angel's Story

Growing up in a family business making pearls, Angel learned to make jewelry at a very young age. She would even compete with her sisters to see who could make more pearl strands in an hour! Angel always had a strong passion in arts and design. After her studies and work in the US for many years, Angel returned to Hong Kong along with her supportive husband and three beautiful boys.

It started with her friends approaching her, seeking suggestions in buying and designing pearl jewelry. She found a new joy in helping them and found it extremely satisfying designing jewelry on her own. This special gift, and her deep knowledge of pearls, earned her the title of ‘The Pearl Girl’! From that moment, she decided to turn this passion into a career and started her own brand, aptly named Angel the Pearl Girl.

Her desire is to create genuine and affordable jewelry using real, high quality Akoya pearls from Japan, white pearls from Australia, black South-sea pearls from Tahiti, golden pearls from Philippines, and freshwater pearls from China. Everyone can deserves to enjoy the special gifts Mother Nature provides, such as precious pearls.

Most importantly, Angel wants to inspire people to love and see themselves as someone that is unique, special and beautiful; just like pearls. No matter the color, size or shape, pearls are still amazing and beautiful. We hope you find your special piece with Angel the Pearl Girl. Made in Hong Kong with love!